About Us

Who we are

Brickendon is an award-winning transformational management and technology consultancy, specialising in innovative solutions for the financial services industry. Our people are intelligent and focussed high achievers, with an average of 10 years’ domain experience. Every member brings the best process and expertise from their past to continually improve how we, at Brickendon, improve things for our clients.

What we do

Our aim is to save clients time and money by developing innovative, bespoke solutions to address their challenges. We consult on a range of areas and operate with some of the largest global banks, hedge funds and asset managers. The firm is divided into five practices focussed on: Strategy; Risk & Regulation; Data; Quality & Testing; and Digital. Each division is led by a Brickendon partner who specialises in the sector and brings a raft of knowledge and expertise to the practice.

Why we do it

At Brickendon we love what we do. We thrive on improving our clients’ profitability and efficiency and increasing their competitive edge. We are driven to develop the most innovative solutions and take pride in seeing the tangible benefits of a project come to fruition. We are client aligned, business focussed.

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