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Brickendon’s 12th Journal is here! Our partners, directors and principals have been busy writing articles on the topics that we believe are posing challenges for our clients. Whether it’s the ever-encroaching deadlines for GDPR or MiFID II, the ongoing debate around the UK’s departure from the EU, or the increasingly hotter topics of data and robotics, we’ve generated engaging, original content to help you better understand the issues and help prepare your business to face them head on. This end-of-year issue also features predictions from our senior management on what they expect the game-changers will be for the financial services sector in 2018.

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To see copies of our previous journals, which include articles on BCBS 239, FRTB, change management, how banks are missing the mark with millennial customers and many more interesting and thought-provoking topics, contact us at [email protected]