Equal Opportunities and Diversity


At Brickendon we are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. Our aim is to ensure each employee feels respected and is valued based upon their skills, performance and commitment.

It is widely acknowledged that a diverse workforce is a more productive and successful workforce and that is what we, here at Brickendon, are striving to achieve. In our experience, facilitating the achievement of personal goals within a flexible working culture means that our people not only deliver to their best of their capabilities, but are even more engaged.

Women in Finance Charter

In the UK, we have signed the government’s Women in Finance Charter to show our commitment to working together to build a balanced and fair industry.

We are in no doubt that failing to take advantage of the skills of highly-qualified women constitutes a waste of talent and a loss of economic growth potential. We have already spoken out on many occasions about the need to dismantle the ‘dusk-’til-dawn’ culture prevalent within the financial services space, and to provide employees with the technology and supportive culture needed to work more flexibly.

By signing the Women in Finance Charter we are publicly stating our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment for all our employees. Brickendon Chief Executive Christopher Burke said: “We’re proud to align ourselves with this initiative and see it an important step in cementing our current beliefs and practices that everyone should be given the appropriate opportunity to excel in their role.

“We have found that providing a flexible working culture increases productivity, well-being, and aids with the attraction and retention of talent across the board.”

More than 140 financial firms, employing over half a million people across the breadth of the sector, have signed up to the Women in Finance charter since it was first set up in 2016.

Brickendon is committed to: 

  • achieving 50% female representation in senior management by December 2019,
  • having at least one female non-executive director on the board by December 2019 at the latest,
  • supporting and mentoring at least one woman to strive higher and take  on a more senior position, and
  • publishing our progress against these targets annually.