80% of UK office workers feel office seating affects their mental wellbeing; Brickendon research features in Global Banking & Finance Review

Apr 12, 2019 | Articles, HotDeskPlus, News, Practice - Digital, Products

Work-life balance

Getting the correct work-life balance is not easy, but neither is implementing a successful flexible working policy. Businesses need to have enough desks for their employees, but also don’t want to find themselves with an office full of empty desks when all their employees decide to work from home.

Hot desking

One solution is hot desking, but to be successful, this needs to be implemented correctly. Simply allowing your employees to sit wherever they like each day risks not only a physical fight for spaces every morning, but also increases the chances of stress, anxiety and low productivity amongst employees.


New research commissioned by Brickendon Digital found that 80% of office workers feel that office seating affects their mental wellbeing, with 67% saying that not knowing whether they would have a desk when they arrived at work would make them feel anxious.


Global Banking & Finance Review takes a more detailed look at the research figures and highlights what can be done to address some of the concerns raised. This includes implementing HotDeskPlus, a simple desk-booking system with powerful, data-rich management information that will not only help improve your employees’ wellbeing, but will also allow you to optimise your workspace and reduce real estate costs by as much as 55%.

To find out more about how HotDeskPlus can help improve your employees’ wellbeing and increase productivity by taking some of the stress out of their work day, contact Caralyn Fautley by email: [email protected] or call 0203 693 2605.

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