Mental Health Awareness Week: office seating impacts employee wellbeing

May 13, 2019 | Articles, HotDeskPlus, Practice - Digital, Products

Eight out of 10 office workers believe office seating arrangements impact their mental wellbeing, our latest research shows.

At the start of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, where well-known names including Prince William, Katy Perry and Stephen Fry have come together to emphasise the importance of talking about mental health, businesses are being urged to take the matter seriously and listen to the needs of their employees.

Research commissioned by Brickendon Digital, the technology and product development arm of Brickendon Consulting, found that 80% of office workers said where they sit in the office has an impact on their day-to-day wellbeing. Moreover, in today’s increasingly flexible working environment where many organisations have adopted hot desking policies in a bid to save space, 69% said not knowing where they were going to sit every day would make them anxious. 

“There are growing issues in the way businesses are currently managing and looking after their workforce causing an alarming need for companies to rectify this situation and enhance employee wellbeing,” says Chris Burke, CEO of Brickendon and HotDeskPlus, a new flexible-working system designed not only to optimise your workspace but also help improve employee wellbeing.

“It’s an important issue requiring urgent attention.”

The survey also found that 61% of office workers believe being able to pre-book a workspace would alleviate the anxiety and mental health concerns associated with office seating. To address this issue, HotDeskPlus enables employees to pre-book a workspace, alleviating some of their concerns, and also provides employers with detailed data regarding desk usage, helping them make informed decisions about future real-estate requirements.

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