Brickendon’s managed testing service is quick, safe and bug-free

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Have you ever wanted to get a software development project over the line quicker with fewer bugs, and reduce the amount you’re spending on it? If so, how about buying in a managed testing service that pledges to do just that, but for a set price within a pre-determined timeline?

Unlike traditional off-and near-shoring where individual parts of a business are transferred overseas to different lower-cost locations in a bid to save money, a managed service offering provides outsourcing on a proactive basis. Under the terms of such an agreement, a managed service provider takes managerial responsibility for certain business functions, such as testing, with the aim of utilising cheaper resources based overseas but maintaining the responsibility and quality expected in the home location.

You wouldn’t use a caterer to decorate your house

It is in effect, like hiring a caterer to provide food at a party or a decorator to paint your house as they have the specific expertise to get the job done effectively to a higher standard than you, as a generalist, would be able.

For many organisations, entering into a managed service agreement enables them to take advantage of new developments that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. It also frees up individuals to focus on core services or adding value in other areas. Meanwhile, the increased competition and the ongoing pressure on costs, in particular wages, mean that many organisations are attracted to the idea of a managed service. In fact, a recent report by US research company MarketsandMarkets found that the global managed  services market is expected to grow by about 11 per cent a year over each of the next four years to almost $258 billion.

Save time and money without compromising on the expertise

At Brickendon we have substantial expertise and experience in the area of testing and are well placed to offer organisations a time and money-saving managed service testing solution. With the increasing pressure to improve the user experience and competition to get products or solutions to market as quickly and as bug-free as possible, employing the expertise of an award-winning team such as Brickendon’s Testing Centre of Excellence could be the difference between thriving or just surviving. 

Our methods have been proven to successfully reduce testing costs by 80 per cent, cut testing time per release by 94 per cent and reduce the time to market by 50 per cent. Our innovative testing methodologies and automation techniques have not only removed roll-backs and blocker or critical production incidents, but also increased the automation of the support process to 80 per cent and helped deliver an amazing customer.

Don’t forget the customer

And therein lies the differentiator – an amazing customer experience. In today’s highly competitive business world, that is what separates the good from the not so good.

Gone are the days of employing a testing team sitting somewhere offshore in India. Today, it is about knowing your expertise and seeking onsite help in the form of a specific managed service to fill the gaps and help your business excel.

To find out more about how Brickendon can provide you with a managed testing service to outshine all other offerings, contact us on [email protected]. Don’t take our seven consecutive finalist nominations at the European Software Testing Awards as proof we know what we are talking about, call us for a chance to see for yourself on 0203 693 2605, or click the button below.

We are an award-winning transformational consultancy with the drive, skills, knowledge and experience to help you change your business for the better. Let us show you what we can do.

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