Businesses are losing almost two weeks’ work a year due to ineffective hot desking. HotDeskPlus has the answer

Jun 18, 2019 | Articles, Featured, HotDeskPlus, Practice - Digital, Products

Businesses are losing almost two weeks’ work a year by failing to implement a structured hot desking system.

Hot desking has grown in popularity among UK businesses over the past decade as they seek to reengage their workforce and find new ways of increasing productivity and retaining key employees. However, new research[1] shows that the average hot desker wastes 18 minutes a day looking for an appropriate workspace, with nearly a quarter of office workers wasting more than 30 minutes a day. Based on 220 working days, this amounts to a staggering 66 hours, or almost two weeks a year[2], simply figuring out where to sit.

A structured hot desking system would remove the wasted time

Implementing a structured hot desking system whereby employees can pre-book their desk would remove this wasted time and help relieve any anxiety or mental health stresses associated with traditional unstructured hot desking. 

The study, which questioned more than 1,000 office workers, found that 67% of respondents believe that not knowing where they are going to sit each day would make them feel anxious. However, 61% believe that being able to pre-book their work seat in advance would reduce the stress. 

Time wasted setting up a computer was the main concern cited by office workers in relation to hot desking (44%). This was closely followed by missing personal space (35%) and time wasted looking for a desk (31%).

A staggering 84% of respondents said they spend more than five minutes looking for a desk and 28% spend more than 15 minutes. 21% spend more than 30 minutes.

When hot desking, how long on average do you spend each day looking for a place to work in the office?

Successful hot desking requires planning

“These figures show the pressing need to change the way hot desking is implemented within businesses to ensure both employees and employers reap the full benefits,” says Chris Burke, CEO of Brickendon, who commissioned the survey, and HotDeskPlus, a workplace planning system that addresses many of these issues.

“Flexible working, including hot desking, is a highly sought-after offering in today’s competitive job market and now is the time to get it right. Implementing a structured workspace planning system would not only avoid large amounts of time being wasted looking for, and setting up, workstations, but also help you retain the best people, improve their overall wellbeing and reduce your real-estate costs.” 

Our new worskpace planning app

HotDeskPlus is a new workspace planning system, which addresses all the issues associated with unstructured hot desking. It is an innovative, affordable desk reservation, room booking and visitor management solution that gives employees peace of mind they have a workspace and provides detailed MI and data-rich reports to help employers.

To find out how HotDeskPlus can help you optimise your workspace, increase desk utilisation, reduce costs and improve employee wellbeing, please visit Alternatively contact a member of our support team at [email protected] or call 0203 693 2605 to arrange a meeting or product demo.

For more information about flexible working and to the see results of our hot desking survey, read our report, How to make flexible working work.

[1] The research was commissioned by Brickendon Digital, the product arm of Brickendon Consulting. It was carried out by Atomik Research among 1,001 UK office workers between 14-19th March. All respondents were aged 18+.

[2] Based on a 35-hour week

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