Is your office setup affecting your mental wellbeing? Open Access Government highlights Brickendon research

Apr 25, 2019 | Articles, HotDeskPlus, News, Practice - Digital, Products

Office setup can impact mental wellbeing

With record unemployment and high employee mobility, organisations are coming under increasing pressure to provide additional benefits in order to attract the best workers. Flexible working, including the option to hot desk, is high up on the agenda for many when it comes to desirable work benefits.


Here, Open Access Government takes a more detailed look at new research commissioned by Brickendon Digital which found that 80% of office workers feel that office seating affects their mental wellbeing.


To overcome these issues, organisations need to implement a structured desk management and booking policy such as HotDeskPlus.

HotDeskPlus is a simple desk-booking system with powerful, data-rich management information that will not only help improve your employees’ wellbeing, but will also allow you to optimise your workspace and reduce real estate costs by as much as 55%.

To find out more about how HotDeskPlus can help improve your employees’ wellbeing and increase productivity by taking some of the stress out of their work day, contact Caralyn Fautley by email: [email protected] or call 0203 693 2605.



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