Regulatory Reporting System Migration

Feb 17, 2016 | Case Studies, Case Study - Data, Practice - Data

A large international bank was seeking to migrate its regulatory reporting system, based on iWay, to a lower cost solution, based on Pentaho. The output from the new system needed to exactly match that of the legacy system, which would eventually be decommissioned. The strategic goal was to create a centralised solution that could read all necessary data files and turn them into targeted reports for either the regulator, or internally for business intelligence.


  • No one at the client had direct experience of using the legacy iWay system and therefore the tasks were not necessarily structured in the most efficient manner
  • iWay and Pentaho tasks are not always directly compatible, so translation and innovation is often required to get the same result
  • The transformation process with Pentaho was significantly longer than has previously been seen with iWay
  • Pentaho is Java-based and therefore every time a new version of Java is released it has the potential to affect the behaviour of the system. By comparison, iWay is a black box and therefore isolated from changes in the environment
  • The approach must be carefully considered in order to ensure the output is exactly the same in all circumstances


  • To filter and aggregate all types of data and products across the whole bank into bite-size portions that give an extremely comprehensive picture of the business
  • To ensure output from the new Pentaho data integration system is exactly the same as that from the legacy iWay system by building a tool to check the format of each file, with six levels of validation to guarantee that all the required data is in place
  • To create a web-based user interface which presents the status of each file during the transformation process and understands the format of each final report in order to provide clarity on any processing errors.
  • To compare the progress and overall time taken for the data to pass through the system with previous runs to highlight differences

Client benefits

  • Brickendon provided a team with a unique skill set and experience of both the legacy and strategic applications
  • Brickendon’s skilled staff produced significant cost savings for the client
  • The client was able to have complete confidence in the quality and completeness of the reports thanks to the higher standard of the data
  • Improved usability and transparency through a comprehensive user interface

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