Technology Management – Strategy, Execution & Governance

Oct 2, 2018 | Insight papers, Practice - Data, Practice - Digital

Strategy is important regardless of whatever area of financial services you are in. It is however, frequently not well thought through, particularly when it comes to technology. An unclear strategy can lead to all sorts of problems, including misinterpretation and the inefficient use of resources.

In this paper, Brickendon Director Geoff Cooper looks at how to assess an organisation’s technology management strategy by addressing the following three questions:

  1. what is the technology management strategy for my organisation (STRATEGY)?
  2. how will it be delivered (EXECUTION)? and
  3. how do we know it’s been delivered well (GOVERNANCE).

Then, having identified the challenges and issues associated with devising an appropriate technology management strategy, the paper lays out a suitable framework for successful delivery using Brickendon’s Advise, Change, Do philosophy.

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