Brickendon Merges With Global Software Consultancy Spaarks

October 10, 2016

Brickendon, the award-winning global management and technology consultancy, has merged with Spaarks, a global software consultancy specialising in rapid technology-led business solutions. The move adds additional services and expands the global reach of the combined company.

It is the first time either firm has undertaken a move of this scale, and the merger is expected to grow the combined business by 150% over the next 12 months. The combined group will have an expanded range of innovative solutions to further support their clients in the financial services market.

Since Brickendon launched in 2010, the company has more than doubled in size each year, and recently opened an office in New York. By consolidating its services with Spaarks, Brickendon will gain new global opportunities, including a foothold in Australia’s sophisticated financial services sector, expanding its reach while increasing its market credentials.

Ensuring maximum integration between the two companies, the management teams of both firms will continue to operate during the integration, with Yash Varma and Catherine Steele remaining to provide strategic advice to grow the combined firm. Spaarks specialises in developing robust systems, testing, implementing and supporting a wide range of business solutions. Combining the two firms will enable Brickendon to increase its multi-platform solutions offering, providing new technology and agile strategies to the world’s largest and most influential global institutions.

“Our long-term growth strategy is to reinforce Brickendon’s influence and position on a global platform, and by joining forces with Spaarks we definitely achieve this. Yash and Catherine share a similar philosophy to us at Brickendon, providing innovative solutions and advice – therefore, it’s a natural fit.” says Christopher Burke, CEO of Brickendon.

“The future success of financial services is dependent on innovation, collaboration and adaptation, so combining our assets and resources with Spaarks places us in the strongest position to respond quickly to changing market conditions and a shifting regulatory landscape.”

Yash Varma at Spaarks states: “It’s an important time for the financial services industry, therefore optimising our services with Brickendon provides a greater opportunity to compete in a growing market. We are very excited about the move which will cement our reputation as an industry frontrunner.”

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