What we do

We Solve Problems for Businesses in Financial Services

We are here to solve the challenges faced by businesses operating within global financial markets. With the continually shifting financial environment in which banking and trading institutions operate, it is critical to anticipate and adapt to the internal and external pressures and recognise the business opportunities. As a transformational management consultancy specialising in financial markets, Brickendon is adept at devising overarching strategy and translating it into organisational change, offering a complete technology solution to our clients to stay competitive.

Brickendon is dedicated to offering our clients strategic advisory, change management and project delivery services across business and technology. Our ultimate aim is to save clients time and money by developing innovative, bespoke solutions to address their challenges. We consult on a range of areas and operate within some of the largest global banks, hedge funds and asset managers. The firm is divided into five practices focussed on: Strategy; Risk & Regulation; Data; Quality & Testing; and Digital.

Brickendon’s contribution, particularly at the difficult start of the process, got us to a place where we have a chance to succeed.

Managing Director

Major US banking corproation


Advise and support clients on strategy and decision making to improve performance in processes, people and technology


Utilise our innovative change-management approaches to enable successful transformation and optimisation


Provide high calibre, delivery consultants with business and technology skills to get the job done efficiently and on schedule

Why Choose Brickendon?


Our track record: We have demonstrated a long, proven track record for transforming our clients through our innovative bespoke solutions and have won a series of industry awards.

Our innovative approach: No one client is the same, therefore our intelligent, experienced and focused consultants use their substantial experience to address each challenge in an innovative way, using skills and knowledge from Brickendon’s continual learning hub.


Our resources: All of our consultants have more than 10 years’ domain experience, meaning they are well placed to combine their individual expertise with Brickendon’s industry knowledge to help your firm excel.


Our drive: We are driven to develop the most innovative solutions and take pride in seeing the tangible benefits of a project come to fruition.

Our Practices

Brickendon is divided into five practices focused on: Strategy; Risk & Regulation; Data; Quality & Testing; and Digital. Each practice is led by a partner who specialises in the sector and brings a raft of knowledge and expertise to the practice. Our practices work on their own to produce relevant collateral to help solve our clients’ individual challenges or combine their resources to focus on hot topics affecting the whole industry.


Innovation adapted and delivered

Risk & Regulation

More than just meeting regulations


Innovation that solves data challenges

Quality & Testing

A proven record of ensuring quality


Enabling digital transformation

We are an award-winning transformational consultancy with the drive, skills, knowledge and experience to help you change your business for the better. Let us show you what we can do.

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