We are award-winning testing experts, with proven methodologies and techniques to ensure your software is bug-free.

We can automate your testing from as little as £999 a month.


We are award-winning testing experts, with proven methodologies and techniques to ensure your software is bug-free.

We can automate your testing from as little as £999 a month.

Manual processes reduced; speed & quality increased

We know the huge benefits automation can bring to your business. We use innovative techniques such as DevOps, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Automated Intelligent Regression Testing (AIRT) and support automation to automate business processes through the entire software development cycle. We take full responsibility for the software quality from requirements to production and provide guidance and tried-and-tested techniques to help reduce manual dependencies and lead you to success.

Our automation expertise:

Automated Testing Service

Our award-winning experts can automate your testing from as little as £999 a month, not only freeing you up to focus on growing other areas of your business, but also saving you time, money and helping deliver an amazing customer experience. 

Quality Assessment

Our Quality Maturity Model (QMM) solution focuses on maintaining standards throughout the testing process, enabling progress to be continually tracked, measured and reported.

Holistic Testing Approaches

Our award-winning TestOps approach addresses software testing in a holistic way, combining testing and operations to produce a seamless end-to-end process, which reduces the risk of human error, ensures accountability and results in faster, safer and smaller releases.


Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution helps implement RPA by managing the necessary organisational change, including stakeholder buy-in, seamless sustainable technology integration and the achievement of optimal benefits.


Embedding our DevOps methodology helps significantly increase software releases, decrease business-impacting incidents and improve overall control and accountability across the development and production process. It ensures faster, safer and smaller releases.

Automated Regression Testing

Our Automated Intelligent Regression Testing (AIRT) solution ensures an ‘intelligent’ end-to-end automated testing process that reduces the time-to-market, lowers the risk of defects slipping into production and significantly cuts costs.


Case Studies

Agile implementation of eFX platform

Brickendon used agile methodology to design and implement a scalable platform to replace the client’s legacy trading system which was slow and exposed the bank to significant trade execution risk. Read on to find out how we did it and what benefits it brought to the client.

DevOps Champions

Twice nominated as finalists in the DevOps Industry Awards, Brickendon successfully implemented a global DevOps programme that increased software releases by 45 per cent and reduced business-impacting incidents by 43 per cent. Check out our case study here.

Brickendon Expertise: Brexit – Validating the Solution

Brickendon is very aware of the challenges Brexit poses for businesses, particularly in relation to uncertain timings, and has created multiple accelerators to help validate the solution. Read on to find out how to ensure the success of your Brexit project.

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The key to successful automation is using it wisely

The key to successful automation is using it wisely

Successful automation is not about removing humans from the workplace, it is about using automation to carry out routine tasks and freeing up humans to add value in other areas. Implemented correctly, it has the potential to save businesses millions of pounds. Here we look at the benefits increased automation can bring.

What is agile and what are its benefits?

What is agile and what are its benefits?

Agile is more than a buzzword. It is a structured and iterative approach to project management and product development that promotes the frequent delivery of working software, aids collaboration and ultimately improves customer satisfaction. Brickendon’s agile experts John Harrop and Aditya Oak look at some of the benefits of implementing agile methodologies.

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