Brexit offers businesses the chance to thrive

Jul 11, 2016 | Articles, Hot Topic - Brexit

Britain’s decision to leave the EU is an opportunity to turn your business into a thriving organisation capable of improving its market position in unpredictable environments, says Brickendon Chief Executive Chris Burke.


Burke, who specialises in advising companies on all manner of change, including location strategy, believes now is the time to act to ensure your business does not get left behind.

“In assessing how ready you are for Brexit and dealing with the uncertainty it has brought, you can change your business from a diver to a striver or a survivor to a thriver,” he says.

According to Burke, companies are split into four categories: divers, who struggle to adapt to change because of the size or nature of their operations; strivers, who are able to react to change but struggle to do it quickly; survivors, who can adapt as required to rapid change, but struggle to outperform where the size of the change is large; and thrivers, whose organisational core competency is proactive change. These companies are able to improve their market position in unpredictable environments.

“By analysing the structure and operating methods of your business, we can draw up a case for change and implement programmes to improve the organisational performance,” says Burke. “Our aim is to move divers to thrivers.”

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has created significant uncertainty, particularly for the financial services sector, and many businesses will need to quickly assess what the impact may be on their business. There are a range of things to consider, such as market access, potential unwinding, regulatory implications, location of clients and competition for talent. Brickendon believe locating the right parts of your business in the right place at the right time can reduce operating costs by as much as 60 per cent.

Brickendon has a specialist team with expertise in location strategy who can outline the optimal location for parts of your business to maximise the opportunities and minimise the risk and costs.

Read our report – Location Optimisation in a Brexit world to find out more

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