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We work hard at creating an empowered team environment for our people to be their best…. and do their best.

Brickendon is a diverse, forward-thinking consultancy made up of people who love what they do and thrive on implementing positive transformational change. We ditch the traditional metrics in favour of creativity, culture and fun. It’s our belief if we lay a foundation for happiness, then performance, innovation and accountability is a natural outcome.

We have embraced DevOps and Agile to break down silos and create end to end accountability, enabling us to deliver more, sooner. We help our clients to benchmark and assess their own programme performance.

Brickendon’s team are global, with major operations in the UK, Poland, India and US. Since our foundation in 2010 we have helped our clients with projects spanning 40 countries.

Better Together

For any customer project, any engagement is part of a strong team framework. We provide training, coaching and strong collaboration from your colleagues and leadership.

Empower & Inspire

We believe all our team are leaders with a role to shape and influence how we tackle complex problems. We encourage everyone to dream big, be heard and enable each other.


Our aim is to shake up things up with creative experts, who are challenged to identify and champion the latest in machine learning, automation, data analytics and programme delivery methods.

Learning & Development

It’s our goal that everyday spent at Brickendon helps our team members on their personal journey. We have resources and programmes dedicated to building our subject matter expertise, leadership and commercial acumen.

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We have a number of positions open in the UK, Poland, India and US which can be viewed here

Equal Opportunities and Diversity

We are committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce. Our aim is to ensure each employee feels respected and is valued based upon their skills, performance and commitment.

We have a strong culture that spans countries, cultures and our employee’s nationality, ability, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, ethnicity or stated preferences.

By both policy and our actions, we work towards creating an environment of not just acceptance but active encouragement for our team members to being their best individual selves.

In 2017 Brickendon signed the Women in Finance Charter and it’s principles are one of our key north stars guiding our human resources management and work place culture.

Strong Community Relationships

Whether they are local to where we live, our families around the world or in some way related to our work, we are all part of communities.

At Brickendon, we believe in building strong relationships with communities which are aligned to our beliefs and values or where we can make the biggest positive impact.

It’s our aim that any activity we undertake, we make it a sustainable engagement and in ways our team can personally contribute with their time, expertise or resources.

Some of the organisations we have recently worked with are:

Practices & Industries

We are transformation specialists providing business, technology and consulting expertise to highly regulated organisations. In each of our core practise areas we have extensive industry context and understanding.

We foster a culture of innovation, constantly challenging each other to think laterally and develop new approaches and techniques to solve client challenges:

Awards & Accreditations

We consistently strive to provide Innovation and Quality to our clients. We are grateful that this has been recognised through major industry recognition and awards every year since 2013. Fundamental to all our activity is information security. We are ISO27001 compliant and are adept at managing multi-regional challenges of data sovereignty and governance.

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