Manual Processes Reduced; Speed & Quality Increased

We use innovative techniques such as DevOps, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Automated Intelligent Regression Testing (AIRT) & support automation, to automate business processes through the software development cycle

We take full responsibility for the software quality, from requirements to production & provide guidance & tried-and-tested techniques to help reduce manual dependencies & lead you to success

Our Automation Expertise

Automation Strategy & Process Re-Engineering

Identify potential opportunities with systems integration, robotics and AI/ML. We will define the transformation path and help you achieve it. process.

Automated Testing Service

Improve quality, time to market and reduce cost of deployment with Brickendon's proven and award-winning methodologies and tools

Automated Intelligent Regression Testing (AIRT)

'Intelligent’ end-to-end automated testing process that lowers the risk of defects slipping into production and significantly cuts costs.

Award-winning Automated Testing

Achieve reduced testing cycles, improve time to market,  detect defects early,  minimise operational and business risk whilst saving money and labour overheads.

Brickendon’s automated testing solution has seen us nominated as a finalist for the Testa awards 7 years in a row.

Automate Risk Discovery & Management with EUCplus

Minimise institutional risk contained within critical spreadsheets. Using automated reporting from customisable data models and robotic process automation.

EUCplus uses the latest technology, including algorithms and big-data processing to take control of your spreadsheets, and help drive better business, IT and architectural decisions. 

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