Change: Soft Skills

November 4, 2015

The client needed an experienced programme manager with strong soft skills to help reorganise and reinvigorate a team seeking to recover from recent issues and deliver large-scale reference data change.

The Challenges

  • A need to have change accepted within the broader group of stakeholders
  • A team structure was required to scale to meet the demands of large-scale business change
  • A need to approach all change gradually in order to gain the necessary support from members of the team and other parts of the business
  • To change the perception of Project and Programme Management into something positive that can benefit the overall development and workings of the business
  • To ensure the recommended changes do not hinder the progression of the reference data program


  • Given the short time allocated for the evaluation, a case-study approach was needed in order to come to meaningful recommendations in the shortest time possible
  • All major ongoing, and recently completed, delivery streams were evaluated against four main criteria, with each of the four main phases of delivery, providing sixteen data points per delivery stream assessed
  • Once all the information was gathered, it was distilled into a number of themes and specific actions. All actions were grounded in pragmatic change that could be implemented and measured
  • Syndication of the recommendations, to ensure that all involved in the changes, including stakeholders, were in agreement with the approach and accepting of those actions for which they were to take ownership
  • Implementing the changes in a gradual manner alongside the ongoing programme delivery, ensuring high levels of communication and cohesion throughout

Client Benefits

  • Better acceptance that some things need to change in order to generate a more efficient way of working and produce a more acceptable and successful outcome
  • A subtle change in the perception of the technology department, to that of an equal partner in change
  • Increased skill levels within the Project Management community
  • Clearer roles and responsibilities across the organisation, supported by coaching as needed, in order to build an organisation fit for the scale of delivery needed
  • Greatly increased transparency
  • Forward thinking both on an individual and a team level
  • To spread best practice across other areas of the stakeholder community

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