Sales Management Information Data Risk Remediation

August 10, 2015

A Brickendon client was struggling to successfully consolidate all its sales data from different business locations in the same format on one overused, out-dated system involving several manual processes. 

The international bank engaged Brickendon Consulting to improve and enrich the flow of information into its sales data repository, to reduce the dependence on manual input, and standardise the mapping across its international client base and dispersed sales trading population.

The end product enabled CFOs and sales traders to assess both their own performance and the profitability of their clients, in turn saving the business money and resources and highlighting new opportunities.

The Challenges

  • To develop a global client view of the sales performance
  • To reconcile and standardise information from different regions around the world and speed up a process that currently takes about one week to the next day
  • To remove the client’s over-worked Access databases and migrate the legacy logic directly into the standard processing framework of the client’s Sales MI repository
  • To standardise and enrich the process of data collection and exceptions handling from about 25 countries
  • To deal with conflicting requirements and priorities of different parts of the business, in particular front office users who want real time access to MI, and finance teams who are traditionally the gate keepers and distributors of this MI
  • To coordinate IT and business change across business functions, with minimal effort on the part of the client
  • To fit the new developments into the bank’s existing infrastructure

The Brickendon Solution

  • End-to-end analysis of all end-user computing instances occurring in the client’s MI framework, such as Access databases
  • Isolate all business process change in order to focus on the IT project, including managing all communications and orchestrating all impacted personnel for a successful delivery of the project
  • Replace manual processes with automated input of standardised data, which involves a coordinated transformation process across finance and IT
  • Provide a training document so that all involved – front office users through to finance and IT, can make full use of the system
  • Train client resources how to use the system and handle the transition from manual to automated file delivery
  • Automate the process of data quality checks at the point of data origination
  • Design a new operating model for standardised data formats, load processes and related workflows to ensure smooth exception handling and vastly improved efficiency in the weekly MI process
  • Cross-functional project management

Client Benefits

  • A centrally coordinated change effort led by Brickendon, across the client’s finance and IT departments, which ensured a more efficient approach to embedding the new technology and business processes
  • A much quicker, standardised and reliable system for collecting information which is not dependent on individuals in different regions
  • Risks associated with manual intervention removed from data sourcing to the data processing stage and related audit points associated with end-user-computing instances created in the central data repository
  • Uniform data across all the bank’s clients, sales teams, sectors and regions, facilitating an easier decision making process for the bank’s management

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