Brickendon Exploratory Testing Solution (BETS)

June 8, 2015

Traditional exploratory testing methods are typically highly unstructured and dimensionless, often resulting in inefficient testing resource management, duplication of processes and unassured test coverage. Frequent failure to document design and scope means that knowledge and experience is not easily shared and as a result, successes are difficult to replicate.


However, Brickendon has found that when treated as a long-term investment and implemented correctly, exploratory testing can provide appropriate coverage and successfully reveal different levels of product quality. To this end, Brickendon consultants have developed the Brickendon Exploratory Testing Solution (BETS) based on a book written by James Whittaker: ‘Exploratory Software Testing: Tips, Tricks, Tours, and Techniques to Guide Test Design.

Common problems in traditional exploratory testing:
  • High probability of duplication (known as redundancy) and incomprehensive test coverage
  • Lack of systematic methods to support or seek collaboration between project teams
  • Isolated testing results in poor root-cause analysis or duplication of issues/defects identification
  • Time consuming and resource intensive
  • The scope and logic of testing design is not documented in a comprehensive manner, making it difficult to share experiences and replicate successes in other projects
 The Brickendon Solution

Brickendon consultants redesigned Whittaker’s 360-degree exploratory testing model with the aim of providing robust testing in a banking and trading environment.

The Brickendon Exploratory Testing Solution (BETS):
  • Uses a project team that has expert knowledge to match the objectives of each element of exploratory testing
  • Strengthens the communication channel that maximises the project team’s collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Documents the scope and design for future use
Brickendon Exploratory Testing Features:
  • A comprehensive and well-structured 360-degree testing programme
  • Effective collaboration between different project participants (Development, Business Analysis, Business users, Production Support, Project Management)
  • Comprehensive test reporting
  • All-inclusive test design and scope documentation

BETS is not a replacement for structured/formal testing, rather a complimentary process. 

The six different dimensions in this innovative solution effectively handle the redundancy in testing and ensure thorough test coverage. The partnership with various teams, including development, business, and production support, elevates the quality of testing to the highest level and sets a common goal for all project stakeholders. The detailed documentation of test results and defects results in efficient defect analysis, fixing and test reporting. The solution also aids the creation of a knowledge repository, which can easily be accessed and used to benefit future projects. In effect, the solution helps build efficient test assets and serves as a long-term investment for the organisation.

Client Benefits
  • Saves money by reducing duplication in testing and inefficiency in defect/issue management
  • Establishes different levels of product quality, which contributes to future product and market development
  • Allows knowledge sharing through the creation of a central repository for future reference
  • Replicable test design and solution, increasing return on investment

This solution is developed as part of the Brickendon Approach through collaboration between Brickendon’s Testing Team and our Knowledge Leadership Team. 

Brickendon is continuously working to transform innovative ideas into practical solutions that can bring tangible benefits to our clients.

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