Integrated Test Tools Approach (ITTA)

June 15, 2015

One critical objective of any Test Project is to identify issues prior to go-live.  Brickendon Test Specialists have investigated the causes of ineffective and inefficient test lifecycle management cases in the industry and have formulated a consolidated solution: the Integrated Test Tools Approach (ITTA). 

The ITTA Solution
Brickendon Test Specialists designed the ITTA solution with two clear goals in mind: to reduce the manual intervention in test lifecycle management and to consolidate the multiple test tools used. ITTA utilises existing defect identification systems. These different systems are integrated into the Quality Centre (QC), which is then used as a central location for test lifecycle management.

The current issues in test lifecycle management:

The recurring issues in test lifecycle management displayed two root causes: manual input being required frequently in the defect management processes and having multiple test tools operating in different stages of a test project. ITTA provides a mechanism that is proven to address these two causes.

The Brickendon Solution

ITTA (Integrated Test Tool Approach)

This consolidated mechanism, ITTA, can utilise major test tools to highlight defects in the different stages of a test project. The consolidated QC programme runs an automated testing function, allowing Test Analysts to set up a test execution schedule to run on an auto-pilot mode overnight or during the weekend. All the relevant test tools are connected to the QC and their results, showing any identified defects, are collated and stored in a standardised format on the QC. Once the schedule is set up, the QC does not require any further user input, rendering greater flexibility and efficiency in the test project management environment.

There are multiple tools used in a test lifecycle. Each tool generates test results and defect detection reports in a different format. These reports often fail to provide sufficient information for Business Analysts and Developers to understand the issues, resulting in inefficient project lifecycle management.

Brickendon Consultants designed ITTA to address the incompleteness and inconsistency, in order to enhance efficiency in test lifecycle management. The ITTA provides one standardised report, aggregating all relevant information. ITTA allows Business Analysts and Developers to fully interpret the context and nature of the issues and defects. The ITTA solution also provides a graphical summary of the issues and defects and where it occurred in the flow of the test execution, aiding an immediate understanding of the issues or defects.

The ITTA has been proven to reduce testing lead-time significantly and effectively facilitate communication among defect management participants without any manual intervention.

The ITTA can include the Time Check Point System (TCPS), another Brickendon Solution, in the early stages of implementation. The TCPS is a systematic and evidence–based resource estimation mechanism that provides a framework for standardisation in resource allocation and time management. TCPS significantly improves accuracy in these areas and enhances transparency in performance management, greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the Test Programme.

When TCPS is adopted in ITTA it enhances efficiency in Test Project Management and, in turn, facilitates greater stakeholder engagement.

Client Benefits

  • Benefits to a client organisation include:
  • Effective Test Result Analysis for key defect resolution participants
  • Requirement-based Test Results
  • Centrally organised Test Repository
  • Fully automated – resulting in a reduction of manual input
  • Increased flexibility and transparency in Test Design Progress
  • More effective Time Management
  • Clear record keeping process allowing knowledge sharing with Client Test Teams

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