Programme Test Strategy

September 14, 2015

One of the world’s most prestigious engineering companies embarked on a major programme of work to migrate the majority of its IT to new state‐of‐the‐art data centres. Brickendon was approached to provide strategic test consultancy on the basis of the expertise and reputation of our consultants.

The objective of this project was twofold: in-house testing framework consolidation and the simplification of processes and procedures for the new data migration programme. This programme was large-scale with an aggressive delivery deadline, with multiple parties being involved in the testing programme. This project posed significant challenges in driving a fast-paced test solution whilst maintaining the delivery schedule for the wider change programme.

The Challenges
The client faced a number of challenges unique to its operating environment;

  • The programme was a major and complex undertaking that involved a large number of service providers and client teams
  • A broad range of applications were being migrated to the new data centre within a short time frame
  • No clear overall processes or procedures, i.e. defect management, were available in-house for all programme participants to adhere to
  • Considering the large scale and complexity of the programme, clear communication between multiple vendors and stakeholders was also a challenge

Brickendon Test Consultancy



The Brickendon Solution

Brickendon’s Test Team focused on developing and implementing test strategies that would continuously support the client’s operations in the post go-live environment. The project was managed using a Risk-Based approach and test tasks were prioritised according to risk exposure, cost structure and importance of applications in the client organisation. Brickendon’s Test Team adopted the V model framework to ensure static and dynamic analysis was methodically performed and reviewed in this complex project.



Brickendon Testing Solution included:

  • Brickendon’s Test Team demonstrated leadership in managing the project by designing and implementing the test solution in a systematic and comprehensive way. This minimised unintentional omissions and the duplication of testing procedures in the neighbouring projects, often observed in complex engineering testing environments
  • Test strategies were formulated to promote long-term operational efficiency in a post-testing environment
  • Brickendon’s Test Team introduced a simplified programme-wide test management tool to efficiently manage testing procedures
  • Brickendon Consultants established the testing standards required in the infrastructure, performance and security teams for all third parties and system integrators in the programme
  • Proactive communication and documentation increased transparency, which facilitated knowledge sharing with the client test team

Key success factors

Brickendon’s team of experienced test consultants delivered an innovative Programme Test Strategy, tailored to meet the specific environment the client operated in. The methodical approach to testing programme design and execution made it possible to manage this complex project in a straightforward manner and achieve a greater degree of transparency. Brickendon actively managed stakeholders to keep them engaged at the design and implementation phases. As a result, the testing programme designed during this project could be easily adopted and consistently applied to in-house testing initiatives. Brickendon Test strategy is said to be a key success factor in completing the testing programme, without compromising on budget or on scope. Brickendon is proud that the client has benefited with tangible improvements in subsequent phases of a multi year programme.

Client Benefits

  • A complete solution tailored to the client
  • Framework standardisation with long-term applicability for on-going IT operations
  • On-time and on-budget project completion, without reduction in the project scope
  • Clear communication and proactive stakeholder engagement
  • Knowledge sharing with our partners

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