Changing the equation – what does Brexit mean for MiFID II? Brickendon’s Singh talks to Intercontinental Finance & Law

Apr 4, 2018 | Hot Topic - Brexit, Hot Topic - MiFID II, News, Practice - Data

Brickendon’s Executive Director and MiFID specialist, Harpreet Singh features in the latest edition of Intercontinental Finance & Law (issue: 148/18) discussing the impact of Brexit on MiFID II and the implications that have dominated the financial services sector.

MiFID II went live on 3rd January 2018 however there are already speculations of a newer version of the regulation termed MiFID III. Singh looks at the factors that could produce a different set of rules relating to MiFID III and what financial firms should do to prepare themselves and be ready to guide the negotiations to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Download the PDF and refer to page 12 and 13 for the full article.

Visit Intercontinental Finance & Law to find out more about the publication.

Intercontinental Finance & Law front cover

Intercontinental Finance & Law front cover

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