Agile & DevOps

Agile & DevOps

We embrace Agile and DevOps methods to drive cross functional working, highly engaged performance and quality results. We help our clients with benchmarking and coaching on their own programmes with the aim to instilling a culture of excitement and happiness.

What is DevOps?

DevOps combines development and operations in an agile way, removing walls, gates and transitions to increase accountability for the full end-to-end software development process.

Project Dashboard

Track the on-going success of all your transformation programmes with Brickendon’s custom developed BrickOps Dashboard.  Visibility of all current organisation wide projects are monitored and reported on for cost tracking, progress and risk metrics in Brickendon’s executive dashboard.

Benchmark your Organisational Maturity

Understand how well your business is structured to deliver transformational change.

Utilise Brickendon’s obligation free maturity assessment to determine areas of opportunity in realising delivery success.

Let us help your organisation become adept agile practitioners.

Allow us to lead, support, rescue or coach your transformation programme to a successful completion.

Become a Brickendon Change Leader

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