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Brickendon invest in the creation and development of change management processes, tools and methodologies with the collective goal of improving change programmes within the clients we serve. 

Embracing change, however big or small, is often fraught with internal challenges due to ambiguity in measurable value and success criteria. Brickendon present clearly defined change solutions, supported by evidence, to achieve confidence within our client organisations.

We can offer Brickendon solutions to successfully facilitate and transform business and technology change in the following areas: project & programme management office, data management solutions and reporting, performance management and monitoring realignment, implementation and integration services, business process evaluation and re-engineering, development and test management frameworks – to name a few.

Brickendon’s change management teams are proactively accountable for ensuring the business or IT benefits are realised. Our experienced consultants have implemented change programmes at large financial institutions for decades and we continue to build on this experience.

Our expert consultants have the tools and experience in implementing the change that will strategically benefit your business.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Brickendon’s rapid prototyping methodology enables technology and software ideas to be trialed and tested before being rolled out across the whole organisation. This saves time and resources and provides evidence for the production of a business case for further investment.

Technology Management – Strategy, Execution & Governance

Technology Management – Strategy, Execution & Governance

Brickendon recognises the importance of a clear, structured and well-planned technology strategy. Do you? Here, Brickendon Director Geoff Cooper identifies the challenges and issues associated with devising an appropriate technology management
strategy and lays out a suitable framework for successful delivery.

Transformational Data Analytics: Technology & Machine Learning

Transformational Data Analytics: Technology & Machine Learning

Embraced properly, the proliferation of data in today’s society has the potential to bring significant benefits. In this, the second of two papers on the subject, Brickendon’s data specialists look at the importance of technology in the future of data analysis, and outline how making the right decisions at an early stage could be the difference between surviving and thriving in today’s data-driven world.

Transformational Data Analytics: Governance  & Benefits Realisation

Transformational Data Analytics: Governance & Benefits Realisation

With the proliferation of data in today’s society and the increased focus on analytics and data science, Brickendon’s data specialists take a look at how managing your data correctly can be the difference between surviving and thriving. In this, the first of two insight papers, we outline the importance of implementing a structured data governance programme.

We are an award-winning transformational consultancy with the drive, skills, knowledge and experience to help you change your business for the better. Let us show you what we can do.

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