Brickendon joins the Women in Finance Charter

July 10, 2017

Brickendon has signed the Women in Finance Charter, joining other financial institutions in the initiative and cementing its vision that females have an integral part to play in the Financial Services industry.

The London-based firm, which is seeking to increase the number of women in all roles and at all levels of the organisation, joins 25 other financial institutions, including Axa, Citi and KPMG, who have today signed the charter to show their commitment to building a balanced and fair industry. This brings the total number of firms involved in the initiative to 141 and means that more than 560,000 people – equal to over half of the employees in the financial services sector, are now covered

Brickendon Chief Executive Christopher Burke has already spoken out on many occasions about the need to dismantle the ‘dusk-‘til-dawn’ culture prevalent within the financial services space, and to provide employees with the technology and supportive culture needed to work more flexibly.

“We are in no doubt that failing to take advantage of the skills of highly-qualified women constitutes a waste of talent and a loss of economic growth potential,” says Burke. “By signing the Women in Finance Charter we are publicly stating our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment for all our employees.

“We’re proud to align ourselves with this initiative and see it as an important step in cementing our current beliefs and practices that everyone should be given the appropriate opportunity to excel in their role.”

Welcoming the new joiners, UK Economic Secretary Stephen Barclay, said: “For too long many women in finance have been underpaid, underrepresented and undervalued compared to men and it’s great to see the Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter making a tangible difference in the banking sector.

“Firms are waking up to the fact that promoting more women into senior roles is not only the right thing to do, but will also improve their overall business performance. Diversity of thought at the top is crucial in keeping the financial sector at the cutting edge.”

It is widely acknowledged that a diverse workforce is a more productive and successful workforce, and Brickendon has found that providing a flexible working culture for its people increases productivity, well-being, and aids with the attraction and retention of talent across the board.

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