What we do

Brickendon is an award-winning global management and technology consultancy specialising in innovative solutions that save our clients time and money.

Our aim is to deliver transformational change across our three key offerings of Advise, Change and Do.

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Why we do it

At Brickendon we love what we do. We thrive on improving our clients’ profitability and efficiency and increasing their competitive edge.

We are driven to develop the most innovative solutions and take pride in seeing the tangible benefits of a project come to fruition. We are client aligned, business focussed.

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Innovation that drives business


Positively transforming people and processes

Our methods implemented, your vision realised

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Organised specialists delivering your vision

Experts on-demand, onsite or nearshore

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  • “I have three passions in my life.
    FX, Testing and Testing FX”

    Balaprasanna Ethirajalu, Senior Manager
  • "Our clients don’t like suprises. We make sure when we implement change, they don’t get any."

    Chris Burke, CEO
  • "Nothing is more satisfying than seeing our clients succeed!"

    Chris Burke, CEO
  • "The art is not in just defining the process, but ensuring it is logical, understood and adhered"

    Richard Warren, Senior Manager
  • “Our client achieved a 30% reduction in software licence costs with improved service after we were engaged”

    Chris Burke, CEO
  • Brickendon's "contribution, especially at the difficult start of the project, got us to a place where we have a chance to succeed."

    Managing Director, Major US Banking Corporation
  • "Thank you for the invaluable work and input over the last 18 months."

    Senior Managing Director, Major US Banking Corporation
  • "Thanks for all your help. It's really been a pleasure working with you."


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